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NuWorld is one name that you can trust for all your lighting needs! Right from manufacturing cutting-edge LED fixtures to engaging in their supply and distribution and from providing professional lighting services to indulging in recycling, NuWorld does all. In fact, 'Think Lighting, Think NuWorld!' is the most apt phrase that can perfectly incorporate and do justice to all that we do. Broadly, all our work can be categorized into two simple verticals viz. manufacturing & distribution and other services.


We manufacture a wide gamut of LED fixtures that are not just technologically advanced, but aesthetically pleasing too. Our elaborate experience and technical expertise allow us to design lights that are suitable for all sectors, be it commercial, residential, corporate, governmental, industrial, or any other segment for that matter. Below is a list of some of our premium products: LED Bulbs | LED Panels | LED Tubes | LED Wall Packs | LED High Bays | LED Flood Lighting | LED Street Lighting | LED Shoebox & Area Lights | LED Cooler Lights We have served thousands of customers all across the globe and have earned positive feedback and reviews for our products. As a supplier and distributor, we understand how crucial it is to maintain a steady supply of products. To those who partner with us, we ensure them the following:

As a supplier, we aim to build a long-term relationship and are proud to have developed a great number of relationships in the past.


Apart from manufacturing and distribution, we offer the following services:

Above is a brief of what we do; to get more information, please contact us.

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