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LED Design & Installation Services

We are committed to saving customers money by reducing their demand by developing, installing and installing the world’s most advanced LED lighting systems and solutions. With each new project, we strive to strike the right balance between cost – effective design, performance, durability and quality.

LED Lighting Commercial Design Solutions

After our initial LED lighting audit, our lighting consultants design the new lighting system and determine which products are to be installed. It would be easy to recommend one or more of the most popular lighting products on the market, but the recommended products will be based on their performance, cost, longevity, reliability and quality.

We find the right blend between costs and benefits that our customers can afford, and we look at ROI when we recommend LED products. We found that most companies have insufficient lighting and the light output is generally insufficient for the tasks performed in the environment. The available luminaire types are mostly old, consume a high wattage and are therefore expensive to operate.

We have developed a new lighting system that adapts to the task at hand and offers more brightness than the existing lighting. It is brighter, less expensive, and uses less power while optimizing efficiency.
While rising energy costs mean that entrepreneurs are making less and less profit every year, the installation of our LED lighting is one of the best ways to offset the costs. We permanently reduce costs without compromising on the quality of products, services and the workload of employees.

All of our LED lighting installers are fully licensed and insured electricians. Our lighting consultant thoroughly checks every detail of the planned work and meets with the installation team before-and-after work is done. If the installation takes place during the day, the consultant will visit the site to monitor progress and return at night for final on-site inspection. Once the installation is complete, he or she will check in to check all the details such as lighting, wiring, lighting, to ensure that it has been completed to the absolute highest standard.

Each LED product has its own specific warranty, but a majority of our lights are guaranteed up to 5 years, with some offering manufacturer guarantees for 10 years.
Our team members will advise you on the exact warranty for each of the projects, as well as being available to answer any warranty-related questions in the future.

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