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Commercial Lighting Audits in Long Island

Before we can provide you with a customized LED plan for your business, we begin with an audit. Why? Because we need to understand your space, needs, budget, design and everything else that goes into saving you money while optimizing your space.

Our lighting audits lay the foundation for the lighting plan that will do incredible things for your business.

What our LED Lighting Audits Include:

  • A professional lighting consultant that will visit your facility
  • Assessment of facility type, business style and overall location
  • Analysis of the ceiling height and spacing of lighting fixtures
  • Reading of light levels from both ceiling and ground level
  • Understanding of existing sensors, timers and other lighting controls
  • Full luminary assessment including number of fixture types, wattage per fixture, temperature of lamps and more

We Discover the Right Lighting for You

All the information that we gather during your commercial lighting audit is then used to craft a personalized lighting strategy. This includes the right style of lighting, product recommendations and sensor implementation that will produce the best workplace for your business.

Our audit will provide you with a full report on the amount of money that your business can save by switching to LED lighting, letting you know why you need to make the change.

Whether in your warehouse or in an office setting, we will explore the best ceiling lights that blend energy savings with a healthy working environment for your team.

If you have special needs for your business, we will discover how lighting can deliver an unmatched atmosphere that your customers and clients will enjoy.

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