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As the experts in LED lighting in Long Island, our specialists understand exactly how your business can use the PSEG rebate programs to reduce the costs of switching to LED. Beyond local programs, we also explore both state and federal rebates, all of which can drastically reduce the costs of any lighting project.

Our goal is to find you the right combination of LED products and design that deliver the best ROI. By understanding both your initial investment, the rebates you will receive and long-term energy savings for your business, our strategists develop the perfect plan for you!

We offer unbiased, clear LED lighting advice for your rebates.

Our only goal is to help you find the right balance between savings and investment. This, combined with your rebate processing, means that your business will have everything it needs for decades of lighting optimization, all while staying well within your budget.

Our LED professionals choose from a wide array of products and materials from our manufacturer partners. The right mix of luminaries, sensors and energy-saving tools are used to make sure that you qualify for every possible rebate.

Most business owners are unaware of the incredible amount of rebates that are available for energy savings at the moment. Our team does all the research required to find industry-specific rebates, all designed to save you money while giving you the best lighting experience possible.

We have helped hundreds of companies across all sectors access the rebates they need for their business. With an in-depth knowledge of the LED rebate process in Long Island, we make it easier than ever to reduce your costs by letting us handle all aspects on your beh

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