Sustainable Recycling

Simplify the process for saving resources.

NuWorld has earned acclaim for offering advanced, cost-effective solutions for recycling and sustainability. We roll out sustainable, top-notch recycling solutions designed specifically to meet your requirements.

Over 4,000 grams of mercury taken out from the environment after recycling

Disbursement of 15,000 plus recycling kits in the last year

Recycling of 3,500+ lbs of aluminum

Full Array of Services

NuWorld serves as your one-stop resource for lighting and electronics recycling. Our range of recycling programs includes all sorts of materials including ballasts, compact fluorescents, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps, shatterproof and other specialty lamps, electronics, tritium exit signs, and more.

Meeting All Your Needs

Recycling kits bring forth twin advantages – storage and ease of management, facilitated by prepaid return shipping labels. While we take care of your recycling needs, you can focus on other business priorities.

Total Compliance

Full compliance with federal and state regulations in all our light bulb, ballast, and electronics recycling programs gives you peace of mind. Certificates of recycling that we release help you inaccurate record keeping.

Our Recycling Programs Include:

Linear Fluorescent Lamps
Shatterproof and Other Specialty Lamps
Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Crushed Lamps
U-shaped or U-tube Lamps
Circular Fluorescent Lamps
Tritium Exit Signs
High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps
Neon Lamps

Requiring High-Intensity one-stop solution for all your light bulb, ballast, and electronics recycling needs? Have a solution-oriented free-wheeling chat with one of our lighting specialists.