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NuWorld Lighting delivers premium LED lighting solutions in Long Island and the surrounding area for businesses that are looking to optimize energy savings, ensuring that you save money without compromising on quality.

We work closely with both state and federal governments, as well as local municipalities, to develop the customized LED lighting plans that are perfect for your business while capitalizing on green energy rebates.

Our longstanding relationships with hundreds of top manufacturers means that you will receive world class LED lighting products at industry-best prices!

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We offer everything you need to create a safe, bright workplace that runs on maximum efficiency with our wide range of LED lighting solutions.

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Why Switch to LED Lighting for Your Business?

Since PSEG Long Island pays a significant portion of your LED project costs at a discount, switching to LED lighting for your business can repay the entire investment in as little as two years.

We have seen many facilities with poor lighting, which can be dangerous for workers. At NuWorld, we are committed to developing customized LED Lighting that is right for your business, keeping your team safe while staying well within your budget.

Removing the wrong storage unit from the shelf, missing fine scratches on the finished product or missing fine scratches in the final product are all the result of poor lighting and cost money. We keep your workplace bright, so your employees can provide you with their best work!

Replacing lamps and ballasts means real savings in dollars and manpower, which can be better used to improve production. Get the most out of your budget and resources when you switch to LED that requires less regular maintenance.

Strategic Lighting for Your Business

Our LED lighting specialists always begin with a lighting audit of your business. Why? Because oftentimes we see that companies are using lights that are far too powerful for their needs, adding thousands to their electricity bills each day.

Our strategically engineer your lighting solutions to only be used when necessary in order to maximize efficiency. Through the use of occupancy sensors, we are able to limit the lighting to the times when your staff actually are in close proximity, with instant brightening that requires absolutely no warm-up period.

The result? Lighting that works only when you need it, keeping costs low and green energy savings high!

A Fresher, Brighter Workplace

Many employers don’t know the impact that low quality lights can have on their workers. Traditional fluorescent lights emit minute flickering that we may not see, but have a negative impact on our eyes on a daily basis. Without knowing it, this contributes to long-term fatigue, dizziness and drowsiness that can limit the abilities of your team.

All of our LED solutions are developed to have your workplace optimized for performance. This means that every day your employees come in to work, they are feeling their absolute best, keeping both morale and personnel performance at its top.

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What our clients say

  • “We had outstanding experience with Nuworld! They were honest professionals, completed the task within the timeframe they said and we are saving money with the new lights installed in our office! Highly recommended by Walden Environmental Engineering.” Walden Environmental Engineering

    Walden Environmental Engineering

  • “I highly recommend Nuworld Lighting. They are very professional, highly ethical and successful with competitive pricing. Aztec Lighting is respected by utility companies and is effective in navigating through utility rebates and incentive programs.”

    Jag Mahadeo, Industrial Engineer - Royal Products

  • Nuworld Lighting went above and beyond for our warehouse lighting needs. They upgraded the lighting in two of our facilities and we could not be happier with the result. From start to finish they made the process smooth and easy which is hard to find these days!

    Deborah Crosby, Energy Consultant

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